Will your next party have 6 guests? 12 guests? 30 guests???
How about a round table that accomodates 14 guests, and has a built-in lazy susan in the middle?
Everyone can just sit, relax, and spin the table serving themselves!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, visiting with family and friends, and..............EATING!

Our Traditional meal included:
Carrot soup with ginger
Tossed garden salad
Sausage & vegetable stuffing with nuts & cranberries
Steamed asparagus
Glazed sweet pumpkin wedges
Whole cranberry sauce
Homemade applesauce
Creamy whipped potatoes
Steamed string beans with garlic
Fresh baked cornbread, and...

The moist-ess turkey ever!

and then...

Everyone enjoyed every bite in this Brazilian Feijoada Party!

...and THEN:

This succulent Paella dish was a smash hit as well :)

Chicken Caccitore!

Polenta with Caccitore sauce:

Dessert: Pies for your Eyes!

Chicken Kabobs with brown rice and julienne veggies:

The Lobster salad did not last long...

Agua na boca = mouthwatering!!!

Pasta anyone?

Chef Carmem has been continuing her education and just finished a course:

Advanced Pasta Making

 Here is fresh Ricotta Tortellini

Here is the sauce, made of prosciutto, peas, heavy cream and parmesan

Here is the yummy dish together:
Ricotta Tortellini with white sauce

For questions or the recipe,
Email me: chefcarmem@gmail.com

Ideas for your next Party!


Vegetable Spring Rolls

Brazilian Pastelzinho

Finger Foods group 1

Finger Foods group 2

Finger Foods group 3

 What else would you like???
Your comments are appreciated :)

NYCE 2013, New York Culinary Experience, Nice!

I had a wonderful time at this year's (5'th annual) NYCE New York Culinary Experience.

Over the 2-day weekend of May 4 and 5
I met and worked with chefs that I had only seen on TV, and they are very sweet in person!

Saturday morning was:
Jacques Torres and Ron Ben-Israel
Cake Decorating and Chocolate Work

Jacques Torres, (Mr Chocolate) is a pleasure to work with in the kitchen.       He is funny, always enjoying what he is doing!

Here Mr Torres says, "Watch out for this one!"

Amazingly at the same time, in the same class,
I met Ron Ben-Israel, the Sweet Genius!
I wanted to say to Ron, "I am a Salt Genius, and you?"
Mr Ben Israel is famous for his cakes and sugar paste flowers.

After morning class, the lunch speaker was Michel Nischan,

leader in the sustainable food movement, and talked about our food choices for our healthy future.

    Saturday afternoon's class was Bigeye Tuna: Head to Tail
with Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto

Chef Morimoto gave some excellent pointers
as we assembled Tuna pizza.

Here is my Tuna Carpaccio plate and Spicy Tuna Rolls.

Sunday morning's class was The Pantry at Atera, with Chef Matthew Lightner.

     Sweet potato Miso           

Aged Squab & stuffed Morels 

The lunch speaker was Chef Marcus Samuelsson,
who spoke about his life, career and his new book, Yes, Chef.

The afternoon class was Le Crillon Classics, with Chef Christopher Hache

Cold Lobster with tomato and mozzarella

Meet Chef Carmem

This colorful salad boasts mixed greens, prosciutto, yellow tomatoes
and red raspberries in a cheese basket bowl!

This is a traditional appetizer; Fried cheese balls.
They melt in your mouth!

Here are some recent photos from a party in Manhattan

Making the endive snacks...


Bacalhau salgadinos with sauce...


Paella anyone???

This paella explodes in your mouth!